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The miracle of creation is truly one of the most wonderful events of our lives, and to experience it is a dream of almost every woman. Although pregnancy and childbirth are a very special time, they do take a toll on a woman’s body. Hormonal surges commonly increase appetite and lead to cravings accompanied by weight gain. As the baby grows, it stretches the skin and the musculo-fascial system of the abdomen. The breasts enlarge in preparation for nursing, and will subsequently shrink once the breast feeding stops.

It is a challenge for most women to return to their pre-pregnancy weight and size after the baby is born. Even if they succeed, the loose skin on their breasts and tummy is unlikely to retract. The breasts become droopy and look “deflated” and often change in size compared to pre-pregnancy. The tummy is left with a typical skin roll and a bulge. Anatomically, the Rectus Abdominis muscles, which form the coveted “six pack”, are enclosed and interconnected by fascia. During pregnancy, the increasing pressure within the tummy stretches this fascia, resulting in separation of the rectus muscles – rectus diastasis, or even defects in the fascia – hernias. The latter are common around the belly button or at previous scar sites. Weight gain during pregnancy may cause diet-resistant fat deposits on the tummy, thighs and hips, resulting in the much hated “love handles”, “muffin tops” and “saddle bags”. Mommy makeover is a combination of procedures aimed at returning the woman’s body as close as possible to her pre-child birth condition. It is invariably a combination of breast and abdominal surgery, commonly with added liposuction. The procedure is tailored to the specific patient’s concerns and desires.

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